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First off let me say Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season and the New Year is treating them right so far.

I don’t know about you all but one of the many things that make me happy and take me back to feeling like a child again is SNOW! There is just something about a snow day (or week when you are in North Carolina) that makes everything seem so simplified. Not to mention, I love the sleigh riding, the snow angels, the snowmen. I love the fire going, bundled up under a blanket, knowing the snow is falling right into its place. And now that I am older I get even more excited seeing my kids get just as excited. The excitement when they ask “is school closed yet? Is it yet? How about now?”, the turning around of pajamas and the ice cubes in the potty! Let’s not forget the picture perfect moment of their little heads watching out the window when the snow does begin.

We got our first snow on January 8th and it did not disappoint. Totaling at around 10 inches there was plenty to play in and we made the most out of it. The kids had a great time, my husband and I had a great time, and it brought some pretty cool picture taking opportunities as well. So enjoy viewing the pictures, and if you are a snow lover like I am, lets start putting those ice cubes in the potty so we can have a few more!